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As I sit at the keyboard to start this post, I literally laugh out loud thinking a few thoughts to myself…..  


Second, what’s the big deal? It’s just 40.

Third, 40 is the new 24……right?

So let’s explore these questions, shall we?


Just how did I get here?  I was born to my parents, Dallas and Jackie Currey, in Jordan, Montana during one of the worst snow storms that area had seen in years(possibly decades). I try to imagine how my parents must have felt, first baby on the way, no way to get to your usual doctor/bigger hospital, literally stranded if something goes wrong..  I would have been a wreck! Plans going awry, when it comes to something like birthing a baby is not my forte!

VITAL parenting lesson…..the best laid plans usually don’t go quite your way if your kids have anything to say about it….ever!

Anyway, back to my parents, I still remember when they turned 40 and honestly, it didn’t seem like a huge deal. (The world was different then. SMH…..that’s what old people say.)  I mean there was the “over the hill” thing but I don’t remember talks of dread or any big hoopla, like it seems to be now. (Maybe there was, what do I know…I was a kid then?)

To think that I am nearly 40 is weird.  I mean, aren’t I supposed to have it all together?  Shouldn’t I be sitting in a cushy chair dispensing my wisdom?  HAHA! No seriously, I think that happens at 60+!

Honestly, if I dwell on it too much, I feel as inexperienced as I was in my 20s on some days.  Life will do that to you! (Actually, it’s mostly parenting that will do that to you!) However, when I get REALLY honest with myself (and give myself some well-deserved credit) I have been through so much to get here and there is A LOT wisdom in that.

Let’s review for a quick minute.

  • I finished college with a degree! Woohoo….that was a huge goal.
  • I have been with my husband for 20+ years.
  • We built a home for our family when we could barely afford to do so.
  • We are currently parenting a teenage daughter and survived middle school with her. (AGAIN!)  That’s something no one mentions when you get pregnant, “Oh, BTW, you get to go through middle school again!” Stay tuned, our son is a 6th grader, so we aren’t out of the woods yet!
  • We have been co-owners of a successful business in a highly competitive market for our entire married life (17 summers).
  • I am the owner of my own small business, as well.
  • We have lost close friends and dear family members way too soon.
  • We have taken amazing vacations, exposing our kids to parts of our country and the world that we were only seeing for the first time ourselves.

While I can’t sum up the first 40 years of my life in one paragraph, I can say that they have been blessed and FULL!  


This is how I HONESTLY feel. I have been told all the things about being 40, specifically “the warranty runs out at 40.” While I respect the person that said that to me, I have to disagree.  I just may be in the best physical and mental shape of my adult life. The catch? I consistently WORK at it!

The incentive to stay consistent is the fact that I AM getting older.  Ladies, we should all be lifting heavy things and getting our heart rates up every chance we get.  It’s the best way we can say thank you to our bodies for all it has done for us.  I know you may think you don’t have time for it, but I will always encourage you to TAKE time for it because it is the #1 thing you can do to be there in a better way for you, not to mention the other humans that require your devotion. (Don’t worry, we will talk ALOT more about this!)

When I have had lapses in my habits and didn’t make an effort to move my body and feed it with healthy and nourishing food, it does feel as though there is a ticking time bomb inside!

I know this, because when I eat the foods that aren’t the best for me, like yummy brownies or chocolate chip cookies, my hands ache the next day.  My feet hurt when they hit the floor. My back is a bit stiff. Yup, those achy, creaky joints fire right up when I put things in my body that it doesn’t like, which happen to be foods that I love!

40 is the new 24, right?

I always felt I might think this when I hit 40 but recently have decided this isn’t true for me anymore. I don’t want to go back to being 24, although that is the age that I felt like I was living at for most of my 30s.  (Do you have an age in your head that you feel?) I think I am verging more on feeling 30 now.

Yup, I think 40 is the new 30 for me.

My 20s were full of ALL of the amazing life changes, college, marriage, having both of our babies, building a house, new jobs…..literally ALL the things.  On the downside, it was a financially stressful time with the early years of running a new business and taking care of little humans. Being an entrepreneur (and his wife) is no joke!

My 30s were more about finding the rhythm of life without all of the big news and attention on all of life’s changes.  I was deep in the trenches of raising little people, working my job and trying not to lose myself! Learning how to live in the daily grind and to find joy and contentment in that was not easy at first, but I got there.  My early 30s didn’t see a lot of self-care. My kids always tell me I look younger now, so this “health” stuff really does work!

As I look to my 40s, I think they are going to be a fascinating time.

Big changes are ahead. Our kids are growing up. It is amazing to watch them become their own people.  The ideas, jokes, and escapades could fill books. They make me smile each day as they grow into the goodness God created them for.  Downside (and upside), they will leave the nest during my 40s and life will have a huge shift again.

I will get to learn what it’s like to have the time to do the things that I forgot that I loved so much. Honestly, I can’t even think of what that is right now.  Derek and I will have time with just the 2 of us again. (We have recently implemented a weekly date night so this time won’t be quite so shocking!) Given all the wisdom I have acquired up until now, I am most excited about the wisdom that my 40s will undoubtedly bring! 

Life is interesting, isn’t it.  Just when we get cozy and comfortable in a season, it swoops in and says “Nope, you were meant to grow and change and evolve.”

Sometimes I go kicking and screaming and others I feel like I handle it with grace. While I’m not excited about the rate that my hands are aging (dang they look old and veiny….something my Mom can tell you I have always wanted to avoid), I am thrilled to continue to age gracefully, grow as a woman and be the best that I can be.  Oh, and I have some dreams of my own to pursue that are pretty exciting too!

So, if you are in your 40s, ROCK-ON sister; if you are in your 30s and just trying to keep your head above water, this too shall pass all to quickly; and if you are in your 20s, enjoy your young, pretty hands sweet girl!

Those ladies that have come before us are sitting in the cushy “wisdom” chair chuckling at us inexperienced newbies as we fumble along. I do believe if we would take the time to ask them for advice they would tell us that life is a beautiful place at all ages and they hope we will embrace each phase with love as life flies by at a phenomenal rate and we sure don’t want to miss it!

With 40 years worth of gratitude,