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Well hello there!  Welcome, to my little corner of the online world.
I am SO grateful that you are here!

My hope is that this site will inspire you to be the best you can be, each day.
Life is hard, we all have struggles, but it IS beautiful and such a treasure.

My goal is to not only be a positive, and encouraging voice in your life but to provide you
with real-life tools that will help you live your absolute best life!

Want to know more about me, my family and a few of my quirks?
Just click below and I’m sure we will become fast friends.

When you’re done there head on over to the blog to see what this community is talking about!


Grace for myself…

Let's be honest.....I'm disappointed in myself. No matter how hard I try NOT to be, I am. It's as simple as that. I can sit here and be logical and matter-of-fact about the truth that I completely dropped the ball on my blog this winter and that it's not a big deal...

My Struggle with Perfection

Can I be honest?   The title of this post makes me squeamish.  I have spoken about perfection on my social media in the past but to sit and write an entire blog on my struggle with perfection, well, it makes me pit-out a bit.  However, my intention with these first...